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Latest fan mail

Thank you Kali!Thank you Mia Jayne!

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Thank you Grace!

Thank you Arista!Thank you Mikala!

Thank you Hannah!Thank you Iman!

From Miceala

From Connor




I took my daughters to Belmont Forum during the holidays, and happened upon your show. My eldest, who is 4, was a little shy and afraid of the larger than life characters, but since that day, has been on your website almost every day listening to all your songs! She just loves them, and I love the positive messages that she is now singing. Mikaela also likes playing your games, and colouring in the print-outs.

We are now a bit Lulu-crazy!!


Alison and Mikaela

Allie's Birthday PartyHi Irene,

Just to say thanks once again for coming to Allie's birthday party. He had an absolutely fantastic time and we've played the CD MANY times since he's been home.

Please say a big thankyou to 'Spike' for Allie and me - a brilliant performer!

Good luck with the show. You've certainly impressed all the mum's with the mini show; we'll all be at the next concert!

Love Anne & Allie

To Irene and the Lulus team,

Sorry this so long in coming, and I hope it is ok. Sometimes I get a little longwinded and tongue tied when I am speaking/writing!

My 2yo daughter Sarah first saw the Lulus at a Parents & Children Expo in Perth.

When you came on stage her face lit up and she was waving and clapping her hands. When the music came on she began dancing. As the show went on the waving became frantic, her smile was now a grinding of the teeth, and she began giggling. Needless to say she loved the show.

We went to the stand and found Irene to be a very approachable person, and as we spoke to her about the endeavours of the Lulus, we further found Irene to be a genuine, captivating person with a gentleness that had my daughter mesmorised.

The Lulus team have a vision far beyond a one time performance at an Expo. Through their songs and shows, the Lulus promote messages of social values, self acceptance and exercise.

I would just like to say thank you for the enjoyment my daughter Sarah receives from listening to the CD and watching the promotional website. She follows the dances and now sings to the songs. Meanwhile her vocabulary is increasing with the words from the songs, as she uses some of them herself now.

So to Irene and eveyone at the Lulus, I say well done, thank you, and keep it coming. We are avid fans awaiting your next show!!!

Lots of Love

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